Langpangkong Kaketshir Mongdang (Langpangkong Students’ Conference) Clean Election Campaign Committee (LKMCECC) released its 10-point clean election manisfesto on July 1 in the presence of Langpangkong Tzükong Mongdang, Langpangkong Watsü Telongjem (parent bodies), LKM leaders and its federal units office bearers from respective villages under Langpangkong range alongwith the LKMCECC members at LKM conference hall Chuchuyimlang.
The 10-point clean election manifesto is a strategy to make clean election campaign fruitful for the people. The manifesto stressed firstly upon “one person, one vote principle” to be upheld as every citizen has equal political rights before the law of the land.
Manifesto declared that vote was not a purchasable commodity but reaffirmed its resolution not to sell the vote but to use voting right as powerful tool to rebuild society honestly and courageously during election.
Manifesto also promised to let intending candidates to share their visions for educated as well as uneducated in matter of employment and economic development and assure their (LKM) cooperation in developmental activities after the election.“We shall endeavour to make the politics as service to our motherland as Politics is not money making business but purely Public service,” the LKMCECC Manifesto declared. Manifesto also covered needed area for reformation and restoration of education, public health and human resources development in the state.
It pledged to work tirelessly to secure upright and clean government to restore the status of Naga parents and children who were the victims of injustice and corruptions.
LKMCECC resolved to undertake a two phase touring program in every village under the Langpangkong range with effect from July 18. During the meeting the presents solemnly denounced ten social evils in the line of Gandhian thought.
LKMCECC further thanked the people who were supporting the clean election campaign and appealed every citizen to remain strong and join together in this fight against evil in society today.